Easy finding of Esperanto videos

Libera Folio reports that there is now a website that makes it easy to find Esperanto videos.
And here is the backstory (in Esperanto) at Libera Folio.

Unfortunately, the quality of most of these ‘videos’(based on my random sampling) is not much greater than that of a selfie. Indeed, many of these ‘videos’ are merely stills with voice-over. And sometimes the advertised entry is revealed to be not available. Admin should remove the entries that are unavailable, and supply an option in the header of the home page to restrict all other options to actual videos.

‘gumption’ in Esperanto

For ‘gumption’, Wells gives ‘prudento’ and ‘elturniĝemo’, and Benson gives ‘entreprenemo’ and ‘iniciatemo’. I don’t agree with Wells’s offerings for this word at all. I think Benson’s offerings could serve on occasion, but that perhaps the best general-purpose rendering would be ‘ekagemo’.
Regarding the offerings of Wells, ‘elturniĝemo’, while a desirable trait, simply doesn’t match up with the customary meaning of ‘gumption’. Instead, it correlates with resourcefulness. (Indeed, both Wells and Benson offer ‘elturniĝema’ under ‘resourceful’.) ‘gumption’ has something of the boldness about it so admired by Goethe (“Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead!”), which leads to my criticism of Wells’s offering of ‘prudento’: it is in the opposite direction.