Publish or perish.

Without publication, you degenerate to playing in traffic.
You can access reality beyond your sensory radius only via literature (in particular, mappings and databases).
cf: “If you want to lead a peaceful life, you have to write a book.”
The principle “Publish or perish.” applies at all levels of scale, not just to the individual. For example, the expulsion of the Jews from Nazi Germany (indeed, the rise of Nazi Germany itself) was at its base the default form of a document-creation process. Progress demands a quota of document-creation per unit time, and so one way of viewing history is as the increasing frequency and sophistication of document-creation.
The source of the “Publish or perish.” imperative is that Nature insists that an every increasing percentage of our activities be carried out in cyberspace. The core of cyberspace is automation, and automation on a large scale is not possible without associated literature.
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