definition reversal

A slick technique sometimes used is something we might call ‘definition reversal’. Here are 2 examples.
1. defining the meter by means of the speed of light and time;
2. defining a^b as exp(blog(a)).
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The wider the window of arrival time, the more likely the arrival time will be near the end of the window. For example, if the electrician is scheduled to arrive between 2pm and 7pm, it will be much closer to 7pm than 2pm that the electrician will arrive.
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lorem ipsum

An increasing percentage of unique encounters (“I may never pass this way again.”) is a strong nudge toward literature. (cf: “A major purpose of the novel is to let you know that you are not alone.”)
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la lingvo-bariero

La fama matekatikisto Issai Schur, judo en Germanio kiu mortis (en Palestino) en la jaro 1941, malakceptis postenon en Usono verŝajne pro tio, ke li ne volis adaptiĝi al anglalingva medio, laŭ la (anglalingva) Wikipedia-artikolo pri li. Jen la koncerna eltiraĵo:
“passed up the offer of a visiting professorship at the University of Wisconsin–Madison for the academic year 1933–34. One element that likely played a role in the rejection of the offer was that Schur no longer felt he could cope with the requirements that would have come with a new beginning in an English-speaking environment.”
Jen la ligilo al la tuta artikolo.
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