how a mathematician counts the number of cows in a field: counts the number of their legs, and divides by 4.
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proof of the existence of God: the fact that you might feel dizzy when looking down, but never when looking up.
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types of development

Development can be scalar or vectorial. Scalar development is commonly called evolution. (The most fundamental scalar development is the progression of space-time, as described by Dewey B. Larson.) Nature created man to carry out vectorial development. (cf: “Man was created by water to carry it uphill.”) A gram of vectorial evolution is worth a kilogram of scalar evolution.
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‘It doesn’t matter.’
1. I’m not concerned with the situation you are referring to.
2. I have taken care of the situation you are referring to.

Impeach the treasonous dotard

– what USA Today (30.May.2019) says some people are saying.
Get over it already – what USA Today (30.May.2019) says other people are saying.
The world needs Esperanto – what I say.
(It seems to me that ‘dotard’ is being overloaded with the meaning of ‘idiot’. After all, just as the truly insane are not held accountable for their actions, so also a true dotard would not be.)
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