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English is a twisted tongue,
Barely mastered by its young.
When its praises are loudly sung
The angels weep – their heads are hung.
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The Death of Archimedes
“Give me a place to stand!”
Archimedes made his demand.
But when the summons he defied,
Standing over a figure in the sand,
Thinking thoughts both bold and grand,
His didactic demand was denied,
The denier in turn standing over a figure in the sand.
keywords: poetry, poem, mistake

Witsenhausen’s counterexample

from the Wikipedia article on this topic:
“The counterexample lies at the intersection of control theory and information theory.”

“The problem is of conceptual significance in decentralized control because it shows that it is important for the controllers to communicate with each other implicitly in order to minimize the cost. This suggests that control actions in decentralized control may have a dual role: those of control and communication.”
Here is the link to the full article.
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