double-direction words

Some words, or expressions, have meaning in both directions.
1. ‘comfortable’ (the chair is comfortable, or, I am comfortable in that chair)
2. ‘curious’ (it is a curious painting,, or, I am curious about that painting)
3. ‘read’ (I read the book, or, the sign read ‘No Trespassing’)
4. ‘ship’ (I will ship your order tomorrow, or, Your order will ship tomorrow)
5. ‘determined’ (He was determined to be the winner – he steeled himself to the task, or, the judges thought him best)
6. ‘rent’ (to allow use of property in exchange for money, or, to obtain use of property in exchange for money)
7. ‘smell’ (to sense in a way akin to taste, or, to stimulate the sense of smell)
8. ‘look’ (I will look at the picture, or, that jacket will look good on you)
9. ‘make’ (to cause to come into being, or, to attain – e.g., ‘make a shortlist’ (to succeed in being considered a prime hiring candidate by a prospective employer, or, to create a list of employment possibilities that you want to explore in more detail later).
keywords: Linguistics
(posted to CI on 26.Jun.2019)