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roots and wings
special education
Universal Design for Learning
CK-12 Foundation
IB versus AP
AB versus BC (for AP Calculus)
blended learning
flipped classroom
Flipped Learning Global Initiative
In-Class Purposes of Flipped Mathematics Educators
Search Institute
technology backlash quote
learning modalities
chunking lessons
differentiated instruction
Google Classroom
formative assessment
summative assessment
Common Sense Media
Genetic Epistemology (Jean Piaget)
Howard Gardner: the theory of multiple intelligences
worth a look: the blog posts of Alfie Kohn
TEACH 100: a daily ranking of education blogs
High School: The Process and the Place: A Report.
University Interscholastic League
personal learning environments
personal learning network
Bloom’s taxonomy
Google Lit Trips: “READING THE WORLD”
interactive lectures, etc.: VOICETHREAD
the concept and term of an ‘outcry witness’
the spacing effect
teaching ESL students through riddles and problem-solving
the difference between high school and college
great colleges for top students
Ruby K. Payne’s piece ‘Ten Dynamics of Poverty That Undermine School Success – and What Schools Can Do To About Those Barriers’
allostatic load
the ARD committee and the student’s IEP
Texas Association for the Gifted & Talented
KWL chart
12 Ways to Make Instructions Sink In
Texas Education Agency
Texas State Board of Education (Texas SBOE)
alternative teacher-certification
Mathematics Educators Q&A Site
Problem Solving – A Primer, by Nick Diaz
Stand and Deliver
Portlandia episode
DAEP: Disciplinary Alternative Educational Program
Continuous Progress Mathematics (CPM)
whole-group instruction
accommodation versus modification
bilingual instruction versus dual-language instruction
bilingual versus biliterate
benefits of implementing a secondary-school dual-language program
Texas Curriculum Management Program Cooperative (TCMPC)
Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS)
Texas Teacher Evaluation and Support System (T-TESS)
free rubrics online
restorative practices
a cautionary note about pre-tests and post-tests
Texas Success Initiative Assessment(TSIA)
an essay, by Mary Visher, on Developmental Education
an article, from the Usonia Dept of Education, on Developmental Education
Edmentum (online courseware)
Apple Classroom versus Google Classroom
STAAR testing protocol
credit recovery: definition and discussion