Gorgon Principle

The difficulty of the two steps of mathematical induction in the real world is the opposite of their difficulty in mathematics itself. That is, in the real world the initial step (‘base case’) is the difficult step and the induction step (i.e., continuation) is the easy step.
A couple of examples of this reversal in the real world:
1. For a car with manual shifting, it is first gear that is the most difficult to shift into smoothly.
2. Breaching a bulkhead of the Titanic was very difficult, but once it happened, the remaining bulkheads would be easily breached in turn. So, as soon as the captain found out that one of the bulkheads was breached, he knew that the ship was doomed.
I call this the ‘Gorgon Principle’. Using the Gorgon Principle as a template for the real world, we can say that creative work is the initial step, and business is the induction step.
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