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Despite all the talk about innovation and sharing, the cultural landscape still defaults to stovepiping. For example, in the Wikipedia article on sunk costs, there is no mention of Markov processes, which, foregrounding memorylessness, model the rational situation perfectly, and in the Wolfram MathWorld article on Markov processes, there is no mention of memorylessness, which is the main point of a Markov process. Another example of stovepiping: The Wikipedia article on the law of identity fails to mention that ‘NaN’ does not satisfy the law of identity.
(Hence the need for an independent and autonomous enterprise to create a ‘mathematics mind map’ – to make up for the myriad lack of such pointers.)
keywords: communication, interconnectedness, see also, relatedness, irrelevance of history, dependence only on the present state

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A closed set is one that contains all the points that ride with it. (cf: “If you ride with outlaws, you’re an outlaw.”)
For example, 0 is not a positive number, but it ‘rides with’ the set of positive numbers.
keywords: point-set topology