wanted software feature

the ability to disable the ‘page up’ and ‘page down’ keys.
I never use them, but occasionally accidentally press them, causing a few moments of confusion in getting back on track.
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Working algebra problems, with its heavy use of ‘inverse operations’, is very similar to unraveling a knot.
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Partitions give us a grip on a process. We then obtain answers by doing a living recombination of a partition. By a ‘living’ recombination is meant one allowing the partition valuation to vary. For example, we can partition distance of travel into rate times time: D = RT. Since R = D/T, we have D = (D/T)T, but (D/T) is speed, which can vary. The living recombination is called ‘integration’, and integrating speed over time gives distance of travel. For example, traveling at a constant speed of 20 kilometers per hour for 3 hours gives a distance of travel of 60 kilometers. Significantly, if the speed over the 3 hours is not constant, but has an average of 20 kilometers per hour, the distance of travel is the same as before: 60 kilometers. In general, the distance of travel is the area under the speed curve, between the two points in time under consideration.
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unifying concept: traversal of a configuration

1. a line cutting two parallel lines
2. a line cutting the three (possibly extended) sides of a triangle (cf: Menelaus’s Theorem)
3. a plane intersecting a right circular cone (conic sections)
4. a continuous curve passing through ever point of the unit square (space-filling curve)
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