cranberry morphemes

“In linguistic morphology, a cranberry morpheme (or fossilized term) is a type of bound morpheme that cannot be assigned an independent meaning or grammatical function, but nonetheless serves to distinguish one word from another.”
So, given that the set of morphemes is a topologically closed set, we can riff off of the notion of independence (or lack thereof) to define its topological interior, namely, that its interior is comprised of the morphemes that have an independent meaning or grammatical function. Cranberry morphemes, then, comprise the topological boundary of the set of morphemes.

Here’s the rest of the Wikipedia article on this topic.

keywords: Linguistics, General Topology, Point-Set Topology, analogy

wanted software feature

the ability to configure the ‘delete’ option.
As it is, it’s next to the ‘rename’ option, which is an option I use a lot. Like the descending elevator in ‘The Guns of Navarone’, sooner or later I will accidentally click on ‘delete’ instead. There is no confirmation offered: the delete immediately occurs. Sure, it’s in the recycle bin, but not only is it disconcerting and inconvenient for this to happen, but once again in the recycle bin I am only a slip of the finger away from final loss of the file. I would like to have the ability to specify where in the options list the delete option appears, and whether it should offer confirmation before proceeding. It would be nice if I could specify that the delete option is to come up in its own separate window. (cf: David K. Jordan’s complaint about having the SEND key next to the editing box.)
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