abstraction and concreteness

You can’t navigate the world without a certain level of abstraction. This goes a long way towards explaining the existence and persistence of superstition, because the fantasy constituting superstition is simply the ignoramus’s version of abstraction.
“The root of all superstition is that men observe when a thing hits, but not when it misses.”
— Francis Bacon
The counterpoint to abstraction is, of course, concreteness, and the default form of concreteness is setting to fire.
So, superstition is the default form of abstraction, and setting to fire is the default form of concreteness.
Superstition is fossilized fantasy.
Setting to fire is boundless celebration. (cf: fireworks displays; This is also why war will continue to exist as long as men consider it to be wicked. It will cease only when men consider it to be vulgar. And since boundless celebration and setting to fire are highly (positively) correlated, it follows that a place of pleasure is a dangerous place.)
The mission of the political left wing is to oppose superstition. The mission of the political right wing is to oppose setting to fire. So, the two political wings have different missions, and neither hesitates stepping in the other’s cornflakes (encroaching on the other’s domain) to achieve its ends. Hence, the two political wings are perpetually at each other’s throat.
keywords: life, General Systems Theory, navigation, prosperity, danger, correlation