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In language-arts, if you dig deeper and consider other dimensions, you will come to Esperanto.
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Only high-ranking school administrators, for school below the college level, refer to those attending their school as ‘kiddos’. Only lower-ranking administrators refer to them as ‘kids’. Teachers and parents refer to them only as ‘students’ or ‘children’.
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‘parental denial’

One sense of ‘parental denial’ that might be unfamiliar to many people is the sense of the parents of an English-deficient student denying the recommendation on the part of the school to place the student in a remedial-English program, opting, rather, to have the student pursue the regular curriculum.
Here is a link to a document using this sense of parental denial.
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There is one very common sense of ‘tent’ that is missing from Merriam-Webster’s free online dictionary, namely, that thingy that they give to you at a fast-food restaurant so that they can bring your order out to you when it’s ready.
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