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Merriam-Webster’s free online dictionary notes, under ‘respect’, that there is a distinction between ‘respectively’ and ‘respectfully’, but fails to note the distinction between ‘respected’ and ‘respectively’, the former being used, illiterately – even in documents in academia – where the latter is called for.
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a cautionary note about pre-tests and post-tests

1. It may happen that the pre-test is knowledge-based, but the post-test is application-based, which is a more challenging test. Therefore, those being exempted from portions of the curriculum might find themselves in a bind when they attempt the post-test.
2. Since the pre-test enables a student to be exempted from portions of the curriculum, special care (against, for example, cheating via text-messaging) needs to be taken to insure its integrity.
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dimensionally-characterized measure

If we take a one-dimensional pyramid to be a line segment, with the line segment being the base and the height always being unity, then we have the following pattern:
the volume of an n-dimensional pyramid is (1/n)(base)(height), for n = 1, 2, 3 (a 2-dimensional pyramid being a triangle).
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This is the rule of life
That explains much of strife:
If you don’t do,
Then you have to live-through.
(cf: “The only way out is through.”)
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