What do you believe is true even though you cannot prove it?

Here is the link to a site that poses this question.
“He that will believe only what he can fully comprehend must have a long head or a very short creed.” — Teilhard de Chardin
“Shall I refuse my dinner because I do not fully understand the process of digestion?” — Oliver Heaviside
“It is wrong always, everywhere, and for anyone, to believe anything upon insufficient evidence.” — William Kingdon Clifford
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The perspective of ‘interrupted dialogs’ is equivalent to the perspective that every publication is merely a draft. (cf: “A work of art is never finished, merely abandoned.” — Leonardo da Vinci)
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At what point in time did the brand name on a grocery product become bigger than the description of the item? For example, on a jar of Prego, ‘Prego’ is written much larger than ‘Italian Sausage & Garlic’.
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