Sitting-and-waiting is a precarious situation to be in. (In particular, you need to be proactive about defective order-fulfillment.)
keywords: logistics, caution, danger


Revenge can usually be had simply by tearing away the veil. Indeed, there is a long-standing tradition of publishing private information about one’s enemies. (I think there is a special term for this, but I can’t recall what it is.)
keywords: justice, enemy, enemies, recovery

path jaggedness metric

suggested new terminology
Let the set of nonpositive reals be the road so far traveled, from left to right, and let z be a point in the complex plain not on this portion of the road. The the path jaggedness of the road at 0 is pq, where p = (1 – cos(arg(z)))/2, and q = log(1 + ||z||). (example: the jaggedness of Texas highway 46 as it goes through Boerne.)
keywords: road curvature


Claiming to stay out of other people’s lives isn’t saying that much. Even a hit-and-run driver can make that claim.
keywords: virtue, conduct