external significance of the identity elements

The significance of a given identity element (0, for addition, and 1, for multiplication) is that it pulls elements to itself with respect to the other operation. Specifically, 0 times any number is 0, and 1 added to any given integer produces an integer relatively prime to that integer, which is characterized by saying that the gcd of the two numbers is 1. (Quantification for 0 is over all numbers, because 0 is the flip side of everything, whereas quantification for 1 is over the integers, as the set of integers is the largest set of numbers each member of which is the same type of number as 1.) Much mathematics follows from each of these two external significances.
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Kurt Lewin formally stated a phenomenon that had long been recognized, namely, that the momentary life situation (mls) trumps the general life situation (gls). In Teddy Roosevelt’s motto, “Walk softly, and carry a big stick.”, walking is your gls, and to walk softly means to not expect your gls to exempt you from difficulties. The ‘stick’, of course, is your mls, and, of course, the ‘bigger’ (more effective), the better.
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