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“Teachers embraced computers in the classroom because it allowed them to stop actually teaching; who can blame students for following their lead?”
— Brewster Bragsheer, in ‘Compressing the Vacuum’.
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“The calculator is a shamelessly inadequate crutch for the mathematical cripples produced by the current education system. If you don’t believe this, ask a student to evaluate:
1 + 1 / ( 2 + 1 / ( 3 + 1 / ( 4 + 1 / 5 ) ) )
The correct answer is 225/157 or about 1.4331, but they will spend far more time arguing with you that this expression has no meaning before effortlessly dashing off some ridiculously wrong answer which they neither believe nor doubt.”
— Jud Northbark
and also cf:
“Technology can disrupt students’ focus and impede learning.”
-p.62, Fort Worth Texas magazine, August 2015
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