Charlie the Elephant

My father sang this song to me when I was a child.
I can’t find the lyrics on the web, but, they are, as best as I can remember them:
Charlie the elephant –
He’s so big and strong.
Charlie the elephant –
He can do no wrong.
Charlie the elephant
Eats three meals a day:
Tons and tons of currant buns,
And loads and loads of hay.
Charlie the elephant
Would make a wonderful pet.
But please be kind to Charlie,
Because elephants never forget.
Here is an audio file of me singing the song:

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Abstraction lowers price, whereas concreteness increases value. (Abstraction increases marketability, whereas concreteness increases customer satisfaction.) Being too concrete makes it hard to take the inverse (e.g., ‘slow as molasses in January’ ignores the distinction of hemispheres). Ultimate concreteness consists of conflating label and concept. Being too abstract makes it hard to keep your audience.
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When you can’t get it all at one time, in one place, you have to deploy a protracted process. (Protracted processes are in contrast to point-processes. What can be obtained all at one time, in one place, is called ‘low-hanging fruit’.)
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Anything perceived as unusual and of low value does not get done. In order to teach something, you have to ensure that at least one of these perceptions is absent.
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