wanted software feature

– a virtual ‘enter’ key – perhaps a button at the end of a field – that I can click when pressing ‘enter’ within the field is not recognized by the system – so that I do not have to take my hand off the mouse and manually press ‘enter’. (e.g.: for the search box in WordPress)
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One of the meanings of this acronym is ‘Positive Behavioral Intervention Support’.
Here is the link to the entry in Acronym Finder giving this meaning.
Here is an instance of definition of this acronym (with ‘Behavior’ instead of ‘Behavioral’) by a school district.
(e.g.: “CONGRATULATIONS! [teacher’s name] would like to share that your child [your child’s name] will be able to attend the [school’s name] Campus PBIS event on [certain date] as they have not received any SDR marks nor Office Referrals!”)
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Awareness of the fractal-phenomenon is nothing new. It has long been known that history defaults to being self-similar.
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Definition: A menial job is any job where your impingement rate is greater than your income rate. (cf: “Mucho trabajo y poco dinero.”)
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