Gettier problem

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Note that another case in which someone was ‘accidentally right’ was the people who said, in the time of Galileo, that heavier objects fall faster than lighter ones. Galileo was ‘accidentally wrong’ in that he drew too strong a conclusion. He should have drawn the weaker conclusion that if there is a difference in the time of fall of the two objects, it is too small for us to measure with our current instruments.
A similar-flavored anomaly is the fact that just because everyone knows something doesn’t make it common knowledge. Also, I think that the existence of Gettier problems might be fundamentally equivalent to the Sorites paradox, the solution to the Gettier problem being that justification of belief must come from a sufficiently distant source. (cf: the thriller plot device that the law-enforcement officer the victim calls to their aid is the villain)
keywords: knowledge, Epistemology, justified true belief (JTB)