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Any movement in the spiritual realm is an argument (a dispute being a special case of argument). Movement in the physical realm can also be an argument. For example, war is proverbially the argument of kings. Movement in the spiritual realm is called mathematics. (This is why Euclid’s attempt to teach the king mathematics was … Continue reading lorem ipsum

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A (summative) assessment is any object whose boundary is large compared with its interior. keywords: education, instruction, training, teaching, learning, study, General Topology, topological boundary, topological interior


To what extent does the ‘valley of despair’ of the Dunning-Kruger effect correspond to the ‘uncanny valley’ of robotics? keywords: life, General Systems Theory, equivalence, match-up, surprising dip, surprising fall


Anything topped with sweets is unquestioned. This includes curriculum, and is the real reason that the sugar industry demonized fat – it is a powerful and hidden form of censorship. keywords: the hidden persuaders, hidden agenda, path of least resistance, obesity


Here is the link to the Wikipedia article on this topic. related item: The Every-Other-Day Diet, by Krista Varady keywords: health, nutrition, food, calories