Difficulty in using a posting regime can be considered a form of censorship. (e.g.: disconcerting bugs in WordPress, for the most elementary operations)
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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is when, for a nontrivial tool, step-by-step instructions are not necessary in order to use it.
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A consequence of the massive quarantining is increased pressure on online vendors to implement the feature that others have proposed (including one failed start-up based on the idea) of allowing you to ship to an email address – that is, you just specify the email address of someone whose physical address you do not know. The vendor knows both the email address and physical address of the recipient, and ships your order to the physical address of the recipient without you having to know the recipient’s physical address – a win-win situation.
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Since in Google Hangouts, participants sometimes ‘go dark’ to take care of other matters, we can say that Google Hangouts is like the Force, and like duct tape: it has a light side, it has a dark side, and it holds the universe together.
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