Glossary of Latin expressions used in English

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Here are a few, compiled from the vast number that exist:
1. a fortiori: with greater reason
2. a posteriori: formed afterwards
3. a priori: formed beforehand
4. ab initio: from the beginning
5. ad discrimen temporis: in the nick of time
6. ad hoc: for the particular case at hand
7. ad hominem: against the man
8. ad infinitum: without end
9. ad interim: temporarily
10. ad litteram: to the letter
11. ad majorem Dei gloriam: to the greater glory of God
12. ad nauseam: to a nauseating degree
13. ad valorem: according to the value
14. addenda: things added
15. Alea iacta est.: The die is cast.
16. amicus curiae: a friend of the court
17. anno Domini (A.D.): in the year of the Lord
18. ante bellum: before the war
19. ante meridiem (a.m.): morning
20. Ante omnia, armari.: Before all else, be armed.
21. Arma virumque cano.: I sing of the man and the arms.
22. Carpe diem.: Seize the day.
23. casus belli: cause for war
24. Caveat emptor.: Let the buyer beware.
25. ceteris paribus: all other things being held constant
26. circa: approximately
27. Cogito, ergo sum.: I think, therefore I am.
28. confer (cf): compare
29. corrigenda: corrections to printed errors
30. cum grano salis: with a grain of salt
31. cum laude: with praise
32. de facto: in fact, if not in law
33. de jure: in law, if not in fact
34. de nihilo, nihil: from nothing, nothing
35. desiderata: things desired
36. deus ex machina: a contrived solution
37. dictum: saying
38. dies irae: day of judgement
39. divide et impera: divide and conquer
40. Dominus vobiscum.: The Lord be with you.
41. dramatis personae: actors in a drama
42. Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori.: It is sweet and fitting to die for your country.
43. e pluribus unum: out of many, one
44. ergo: therefore
45. errata: errors
46. et alia (et al.): and others
47. et cetera (etc.): and so on
48. et nunc et semper: now and always
49. Et tu, Brute?: And you, too, Brutus?
50. ex ante: based on assumption
51. ex cathedra: with the full authority of one’s office
52. ex post facto: after the fact
53. ex post: based on knowledge
54. Ex ungue, leonem.: From a part we may reckon the whole.
55. excelsior: onward and upward
56. exempli gratia (e.g.): for example
57. Exeunt.: They exit.
58. felix culpa: fortunate fault
59. Festina lente.: Hurry slowly.
60. Fiat lux.: Let there be light.
61. Gallia est omnis divisa en partes tres…: All Gaul is divided into three parts…
62. Gaudeamus igatur, iuvenes dum sumus.: Let us therefore rejoice, while we are still young.
63. gradatim: step by step
64. Habeas corpus.: Bodily bring forth the accused person.
65. hic et nunc: here and now
66. honoris causa: for the sake of honor
67. horribile dictu: horrible to say
68. hyper: over
69. hypo: under
70. ibidem (ibid.): in the same place
71. id est (i.e.): that is
72. idempotent: resulting in itself
73. Imprimatur.: Let it be printed.
74. in absentia: in absence
75. in extremis: in extreme circumstances
76. in flagrante delicto: red-handed
77. in loco parentis: in place of a parent
78. in media res: into the midst of things
79. in saecula saeculorem: forever and ever
80. in situ: in the original place
81. in toto: entirely
82. infra: below
83. instante mense (inst.): in the present month
84. inter alia: among other things
85. ipso facto: by the fact itself
86. literatim: letter for letter
87. loco citato (loc cit): in the place cited
88. magna cum laude: with great praise
89. magnum opus: great work
90. male captus, bene detentus: wrongly captured, properly detained
91. memento mori: a reminder of death
92. mens sana in corpore sano: a healthy mind in a healthy body
93. mirabile dictu: wonderful to tell
94. modus operandi: method of operation
95. modus vivendi: manner of living
96. mox nox in rem: It will be dark soon, so, to the business.
97. mutatis mutandis: with necessary changes
98. ne plus ultra: the highest point attainable
99. Nihil obstat.: Nothing stands in the way.
100. nil per os (n.p.o.): nothing by mouth
101. nolens volens: like it or not
102. nominatim: by name
103. non compos mentis: not of sound mind
104 non sequitur: a falsely proposed inference
105. nota bene (N.B.): note well
106. O tempora! O mores!: Oh, the times! Oh, the customs!
107. obiter dicta: incidental remarks
108. oculus dexter (O.D.): right eye
109. oculus sinister (O.S.): left eye
110. opere citato (op cit): in the work cited
111. oppidatim: in every town
112. panem et circenses: bread and circuses
113. Pauca sed matura.: Few, but ripe.
114. Pax Romana: Roman peace
115. per annum: yearly
116. per capita: for each person
117. per se: by itself
118. persona non grata: a person unwelcome
119. post hoc, ergo propter hoc: after this, therefore because of this
120. post meridiem (p.m.): afternoon
121. prima facie: at first view
122. primus inter pares: first among equals
123. pro forma: done as a formality
124. pro tempore: for the time being
125. quid pro quo: something in exchange for something
126. quod erat demonstrandum (Q.E.D.): which was to be proved
127. quotidian: everyday
128. rara avis: rare bird
129. re: in the matter of
130. reductio ad absurdum: reduction to the absurd
131. Repetita iuvant.: Repeating does good.
132. Requiescat in Pace (R.I.P.): Rest in Peace
133. res nullius: no one’s property
134. res publica: pertaining to the state or public
135. rigor mortis: stiffness of death
136. Risum teneatis, amici?: Can you keep from laughing, friends?
137. semper fidelis: always faithful
138. Senatus Populusque Romanus: The Senate and the Roman People
139. Sic transit gloria mundi.: So passes away the glory of the world.
140. statim: immediately
141. sui generis: unique
142. summa cum laude: with greatest praise
143. tabula rasa: blank slate
144. Tempus fugit.: Time flies.
145. terra firma: solid ground
146. Tu quoque.: You did the same.
147. ultra: beyond the range of
148. Veni. Vidi. Vici.: I came. I saw. I conquered.
149. verbatim: word for word
150. versus (vs. V): compared with
151. via: by way of
152. vice versa: conversely
153. vide: see
154. videlicet (viz.): namely
155. viva voce: orally
156. vox populi: voice of the people
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