article: Generating a Seamless Tiling of a Nature Image, by Budi Hartanto

Virtual vertical, and horizontal, lines in a tiling are called ‘seams’, and this article discusses a method for eliminating them. (Reminds me of adjusting the text of a document so as to eliminate ‘rivers’ in the document.)
Here is the link to the article.
And here is the link to the citation (with abstract) of the article.
keywords: tessellation, virtual vertical lines, virtual horizontal lines, smoothing, visual aesthetics, visual appeal, source image, divided into fractions, seamless tiling algorithm, continuity


The routine need for volunteers is symptomatic of an unbuffered environment.
A request for volunteers need not contain that word, for example, starting an announcement with ‘Needing…’ and then naming a specific object needed – which is equivalent to asking for volunteers to come forward with donations of that object.
keywords: life, General Systems Theory, persuasion, pressure, extra work