mathematical model for tastiness

To be tasty, a given item of food or beverage must be in the upper half-plane, and outside the unit circle. If it is so, and on the positive horizontal axis, it is hot, if on the negative horizontal axis, it is cold, and if it is on the imaginary axis, it is spicy.
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Only those who press the envelope can discern abstract similarity (isomorphisms, etc.). cf: “Virtue is its own reward.” & cf: “Lead simple lives, so that you may do complicated mathematics.”
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Hartford circus fire (“the day the clowns cried”)

Here is the link to the Wikipedia article on this.
This is similar to the coronavirus impact: the circus represents the gratuitous socializing, the fire represents the spread of the coronavirus, and the people trampled to death in the rush to the exits represents the deaths that could have been avoided by a proactive stance by the government (having a fire truck on-site for such a large gathering).
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