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The world recognizes any high-key situation, regardless of the level (high or low) of the stakes. (Witness the popularity of game shows, and witness the advice of Jerome K. Jerome about how to proceed against an adversary.) Spirituality consists of tending to low-key high-stakes situations. (This is what ‘Shane’, for example, was all about.) keywords: … Continue reading lorem ipsum


Is it true that each entry in Pascal’s triangle having more than 3 digits has at least two distinct digits? keywords: Number Theory, Recreational Mathematics, Kaprekar’s constant, conjecture


(suggested new term) - the philosophy, espoused by Peter Stuyvesant, that there is nothing of greater importance than the early instruction of youth. keywords: education, instruction, training, teaching, learning, study, curriculum


Speculation is the occupation of those with nothing to say. (cf: Newton’s assertion that he does not speculate.) keywords: progress, priority, priorities, guesses, cleverness