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The danger to a cat of a fall, as a function of height, experiences the uncanny valley. That is, up to a certain height, the danger to the cat of a fall from that height is an increasing function of height, but then there is an interval over which the danger is decreasing (because the … Continue reading lorem ipsum


Most literature consists of dramatic description of what happens when a linchpin is missing or is pulled. keywords: life, General Systems Theory, stories, heroes, redemption, salvation, atonement

Routine Activity Theory

(This is a theory of crime.) Here is the link to the Wikipedia article on it. keywords: victimization, opportunity, lack of a guardian, a likely offender, a motivated offender, a macro theory of crime and victimization, motivated offenders, Venn diagram, three circles


It seems that where one formerly said ‘reboot’ (as in “I had to reboot.”), one now says ‘restart’. When was the tipping point in this transition of terminology? keywords: Linguistics, Language Arts, meaning, phraseology, fashion


Scouring buildings and streets, China fought the coronavirus with a scorched-earth policy. keywords: disease, health, procedures