What other expressions occur with the same frequency of ‘contain the outbreak’? keywords: Linguistics, Language Arts, disease

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The theme song of ‘The Good, the Bad and the Ugly’ is widely considered to be the greatest theme song ever. Perhaps it is not merely a coincidence that it can also be construed to be a rendition of not asking for whom the bell tolls. keywords: parallel, interpretation

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It is possible for your credit card account to be on autopay (with a balance due), and yet for it to be true that “You have no scheduled payments on this account.” Perhaps “You have no scheduled payments on this account.” is short for “You currently have no manually-scheduled one-time payments on this account.” keywords: … Continue reading lorem ipsum


The less time you take (from a normal starting point) to get to the bathroom, the more time you spend there. keywords: life, General Systems Theory, urgency

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Because reflexes must be fast, much of the brain must be given over to fast processing. Therefore cognitive functions can be implemented only by exaptation of the reflex-processing functionality of the brain, which is consistent with what C.S. Lewis, and many others, has said about our physical actions influencing our mental state. keywords: life, General … Continue reading lorem ipsum