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The default way of bringing things full circle is via spectating, which can be defined as a single linear maneuver.
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Being able to differentiate a function allows you to transfer case-management from the real world to cyberspace. (And doing so is the basis of automation.)
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wanted software feature

– the ability, while composing an email message, to mark an expression such that it will cause an abort of an attempt to email that expression a second time without a manual override. This would support on-the-fly templating, such as when you use a copy of a previous email as the starting point for an email to a second person, changing only a few things in the new email, perhaps only the addressee’s name. So, if my first email message was to Bob, and I want to send the same message, but not as a cc but as a standalone message, I could take a copy of my email message to Alice, and change ‘Hello Alice” to “Hello Bob”. The problem is that sooner or later I will forget to do that name change. Therefore it would be nice to be able to highlight ‘Alice’ and be able to specify that it can go out, without manual override, only one time. If I forget to change ‘Alice’ to ‘Bob’ in my email message to Bob, the system will notify me that the email cannot be sent, because there is an expression whose ‘send-ability’ has expired, and, upon investigation I will see that I forgot to change ‘Alice’ to ‘Bob’, and then do so, saving me an embarrassing mistake.
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There is a high (positive) correlation between a person saying “Morning!” for “Good morning.” and that person saying “Nite!” for “Good night.”
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The Benson Dictionary

When I refer to ‘Benson’, I am referring to the following work:
(popularly known as ‘CEED’)
by Peter J. Benson
© 1995
ISBN 0-939785-02-1 (hardbound)
ISBN 0-939785-03-X (paper)
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The Wells Dictionary
When I refer ‘Wells’, I am referring to the following work:
English Esperanto English
John C. Wells
A comprehensive and yet concise two-way dictionary designed for beginners and more advanced students of Esperanto alike, and also incorporating a summary of Esperanto grammar
Mondial, New York
ISBN 978-1-59569-150-7
Copyright © 2010 John Christopher Wells
All rights reserved.
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