wanted software feature

- the option of having an automatic email (or text) notification from a given store or marketplace when it has a change of status, such as a change in business hours. keywords: cyberspace, IT, Information Technology, user-friendliness, convenience


Integrating time allows you to be more abstract. Integrating space allows you to be more concrete. keywords: life, General Systems Theory, improvement, progress, maturity, maturation

“Imagination is the first step towards reality.”

Here is the link to where this quote can be found. cf: “Access to information is not enough, because a framework of understanding is required.” -- Noam Chomsky cf: “We are all compost for worlds we cannot imagine.” -- David Whyte (p. 9 of ‘Consolations’) keywords: life, General Systems Theory, Philosophy

Cheshire cats

(suggested new terminology) Definition. A Cheshire cat is an administrator who relies predominately on kumbaya to achieve discipline and progress. keywords: life, work, administration, management philosophy, management technique


Until war becomes obsolete, every (nontrivial) commercial enterprise will be isomorphic to some actual historical military maneuver (a skirmish, or a battle, or a campaign, or an entire war). So, basically, until war is no more, war is always. keywords: life, General Systems Theory, similarity

mathematics problem sets

Phillips Exeter Academy (PEA) does not use textbooks to teach mathematics, but uses problem sets instead. These problem sets are available on their website. Here is the link to their problem sets. keywords: education, instruction, training, teaching, learning, study, curriculum, conferences, Math Teaching Materials, Mathematics Teaching Materials