wanted software feature

– the option of having an automatic email (or text) notification from a given store or marketplace when it has a change of status, such as a change in business hours.
keywords: cyberspace, IT, Information Technology, user-friendliness, convenience


Integrating time allows you to be more abstract.
Integrating space allows you to be more concrete.
keywords: life, General Systems Theory, improvement, progress, maturity, maturation

Cheshire cats

(suggested new terminology)
Definition. A Cheshire cat is an administrator who relies predominately on kumbaya to achieve discipline and progress.
keywords: life, work, administration, management philosophy, management technique


Until war becomes obsolete, every (nontrivial) commercial enterprise will be isomorphic to some actual historical military maneuver (a skirmish, or a battle, or a campaign, or an entire war). So, basically, until war is no more, war is always.
keywords: life, General Systems Theory, similarity