The only infrastructure of cyberspace that passes the test of time is that which is supportive of the early instruction of youth. (This is the real reason for the sad fate of the libraries of antiquity.)
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The lid of a juice bottle is one place where a polygon (e.g., an octagon) is preferable to a circle (giving a better grip).
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an ancient instance of the uncanny valley: “Two Caesars is one Caesar too many.” – used as justification by Octavian to kill Cleopatra’s son.
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‘from alpha’

(suggested new terminology)
Definition. ‘from alpha’ means ‘since the first time it was this’.
For example, “This is the first time my balance due has been below $4000 since alpha.” means “This is the first time my balance due has been below $4000 since it first reached $4000.”
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Upon joining a meeting, toggle whatever switches can be toggled (e.g., mute / unmute mic) to make sure that all switches are set appropriately.
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