OBSERVATION (permanence)

Nothing can be permanent without buffering. (This is why ‘permanent intermittent fasting’ must actually be ‘permanent intermittent BUFFERED fasting’ – an excellent example of such buffering being the five hundred calorie allowance on a day of fast in the ‘Every-Other-Day Diet’ proposed by Krista Varady.)
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Back in the day, following up was an essential activity of a gumshoe. Nowadays, it’s what you have to do to reach the ‘sign out’ button.
[Information Technology (IT)]

lorem ipsum (mathematics versus the real world)

The difference between mathematics and the real world is explainable via stovepiping. In mathematics, your only relationship to stovepiping is to describe it, not to change it, whereas in the real world your only relationship to stovepiping is not to describe it, but to accept is in new systems and to eliminate it from old systems. (cf: “First make it work, then make it easy to use.”)
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