gaps between the primes

Here is the link to the Wikipedia article on this topic. keywords: [Mathematics] [Number Theory] [difference function] [arithmetic function] [merit of a gap] [ratios] [conjectures] [Prime Number Theorem] [maximal prime gaps] [frequency distribution of prime gaps] [“Peaks occur at multiples of 6.”] [peaks occurring at multiples of 6]


Mock actions (in order to retain memory) and loss leaders are instances of overshoot. keywords: [life] [General Systems Theory] [modus operandi] [strategy]

OBSERVATION (endurance)

Only things that don’t scale endure. (cf: “Friends comes and go, but enemies are forever.”) (cf: “Aim for Heaven and you’ll get Earth thrown in. Aim for Earth and you’ll get neither.” – C.S. Lewis.) (cf: “Do things that don’t scale.” – Paul Graham) keywords: [wealth] [success] [priority] [priorities]