If folks are away at a luncheon, be patient. Remember that ‘eon’ is part of the word.
[long lunch]

OBSERVATION (protracted processes)

All protracted processes are asymptotically isomorphic (cf: “that dark valley where all paths meet”), including exile. That is, being in exile is itself, almost tautologically, a protracted process, and as such is asymptotically indistinguishable from any other protracted process. (cf: “No one knows the strength of the current like the man swimming against it.”)
[long run]
[General Systems Theory]

Conjecture (kumbaya)

There is a strong (positive) correlation between the degree of kumbayaness of an environment and the use of linking verbs in the environment. (e.g., “Be safe.”)

OBSERVATION (metacognition)

metacognition: what you acquire when you stop judging the intentions of others.
(An axiom can be defined as any non-judgmental observation. cf: “If a man’s mind be wandering, let him study mathematics.” – Francis Bacon)


Ongoing learning is more important than online learning.
[mode of learning]

OBSERVATION (depth and breadth)

depth: that which protects you during a storm (- hence the need to ‘go deep’ to cope with a crisis; cf: a storm cellar)
breadth: that which enables an ample harvest (e.g., cornfields)
(And it’s interesting when the two coincide, like the iconic scene in the movie ‘North by Northwest’.)
So: Everyone needs a storm cellar and a cornfield.
[standard of living]