the necessity of writing

Axiom 1. A given standard of living is dependent on a given amount of precision. (cf: “For want of a nail, a shoe was lost…”)
Definition 1. The level of civilization is the conflation of the standards of living of the members of the population.
Axiom 2. The amount of precision attainable via the spoken word is infinitesimal. (- since speech depends so heavily on abbreviation and context, and is so subject to derailing)
Definition 2. Close figuring is the activity involved in obtaining precision.
Definition 3. A detail is any result, or cause, of needful close figuring.
Theorem 1. The devil is in the details. (That is, collaboration requires concerted attention to details.)
Proof: Obvious.
Theorem. The advancement of civilization depends on writing.
Proof: By Theorem 1, and the fact that only writing can corral massive amounts of detail. Q.E.D.
[General Systems Theory]
[continuous improvement]