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Scaffolding (in the educational sense) is the inspired compliance with the adage, “Keep it simple.”

OBSERVATION (lack of culture)

The lack of culture (of society in general) is reflected in the klutziness of a website as important as that of OEIS.
[integer sequences]
[Information Technology (IT)]
[continuous improvement]
[legacy system]
[stovepiped system]


(suggested new terminology
A monotreme is an egg-laying mammal, such as the platypus. I would like to suggest using this term to also refer to any presentation, especially a website, that is useful, but klutzy, such as that of OEIS.
[lack of support]
[Information Technology (IT)]


ρ(B) = ρ(A), and ξ(B) < = ξ(A), with ξ(B) = ξ(A) fif σ(A) = σ(B) – this is what averaging is all about, where ρ is the measure of the aspect of interest (e.g., area), ξ is the measure of the complexity of the object, and σ gives the contour (shape) of the object – for example, let A be a rectangle having length 4 and width 1 and B a square having side-length 2, and the aspect of interest be area.
[arithmetic mean]
[geometric mean]
[harmonic mean]
[power mean]