OBSERVATION (understanding)

You understand only those things you see from an angle (i.e., instead of just head-on). And the most likely scenario for this is when you’re teaching it.) keywords: [education] [instruction] [training] [learning] [study] [curriculum-development] [educator] [comprehension] [deepening of cognition] [psychology]

lorem ipsum (saucier)

Nek Benson nek Wells nek Vikivortaro havas kapvorton por la substantivo ‘saucier’ (specialigita ‘saucepan’ – kaj ankaŭ specialigita kuir-laboristo). keywords: [errors and omissions] [dictionary] [dictionaries] [cooking]

Home (the poem, not the webpage)

We’re talking about the famous poem ‘Home’ by Edgar Albert Guest (“It takes a heap o’ livin’…”). Here is the link. keywords: [thehomepoem] [thathomepoem] [homepoem] [life] [It takes a heap of living] [what is] [celebration] [poem] [poetry] [transformation] [observation]


Those who receive scaffolded instruction are more likely to experience graduation. keywords: [education] [training] [teaching] [learning] [study] [curriculum-development] [educator]

OBSERVATION (employees)

Being a student is practice for being an employee. keywords: [life] [education] [instruction] [training] [teaching] [learning] [study] [curriculum-development] [educator] [work] [jobs] [careers]