lorem ipsum (putting on airs)

Definition: To put on airs means to attempt to pass off a component of your gls as a component of your mls. (- obviously done in order to achieve some superiority) keywords: [life] [General Systems Theory] [pretense]

OBSERVATION (perfection)

Perfection is naively associated with lack of buffering. Hence the corrective advice sometimes heard: “Don’t try to be perfect.” – in spite of the fact that it contradicts the Biblical admonition, “Be ye perfect as your Father in heaven is perfect.” keywords: [contradiction] [advice] [religion] [spirituality]

lorem ipsum (severity)

Severity concerns what is in a regime, and is not directly concerned with the degree of buffering of the regime. Of course severity can reduce buffering to near zero simply by loading ballast into the regime. keywords: [life] [General Systems Theory]