Multiplication Table

Multiplication Table Notice that the squares are located along the main diagonal. keywords: [Elementary Mathematics] [education] [instruction] [training] [teaching] [learning] [study] [curriculum-development] [educator] [binary operation]

proverb explanation

The reason that, as the proverb says, the best is the enemy of the good, is that the best may, unknown to the naive or unwary, require more substrate than the good. (So, the proverb is addressed to the naive / unwary.) keywords: [requirements] [necessity] [resources] [life] [wisdom]

OBSERVATION (thoughts)

Virtually no thought remains unchanged when cast into tangible form. (This may be Nature’s avant-garde mechanism for evolution.) keywords: [life] [continuous improvement] [advancement] [progress] [modification] [mutant] [mutation]


The Headless Horseman is shown pushing a shopping cart down the aisle in the supermarket, with the caption being, “The Headless Horseman models over-the-top compliance with CDC guidelines.” keywords: [Covid-19] [disease]

The 6-People Theorem

The 6-People Theorem keywords: [Ramsey Theory] [the 6 people theorem] [friends and strangers theorem] [Mathematics] [self-organization] [self organization] [the ideal proof] [distinguished point] [breaking symmetry] [break symmetry] [counterintuitive result] [accessible to beginners]