Marie Antoinette

France brought her, but to deceive her.
Bereft, she left, via cleaver.
[Sic transit gloria mundi.]
[national razor]

OBSERVATION (implied processes)

If something has low entropy (i.e., high structure), then it has low altitude (e.g., on the ground, or floor) only if it is supporting a process (e.g., construction materials lying on the ground for a building, vegetables lying on the floor next to the stove for a dish in preparation).
[General Systems Theory]

OBSERVATION (unpopularity of studying mathematics)

The reason that mathematics (especially algebra) is so unpopular with students is that it is process-oriented (if done correctly), whereas students are encouraged in all other venues to be procedurally-oriented. (If mathematics-teaching succumbs and gives way to being procedurally-oriented, it quickly runs into a wall, and can make no further headway of permanent utility.)

lorem ipsum (to go deep)

Definition: To go deep means to shift from a predominantly procedural orientation to a predominantly process orientation.
[General Systems Theory]
[point of view]
[continuous improvement]