lorem ipsum (proletariat)

Definition 1. The proletariat consist of those whose only independent source of income is / would be via manual labor.
Definition 2. The peasantry is the core of the proletariat.
Definition 3. Soldiers (actual or potential) constitute a topologically dense subset of the proletariat.
Definition 4. Clerical workers are the topological boundary of the proletariat.
Definition 5. Students are the core of clerical workers.
Definition 6. Those stranded in cyberspace (‘the stranded’ for short) consists of the topological closure of the proletariat.
Definition 7. The elite (aka ‘the choir’) consists of the exterior of the stranded.
Observation 1. Institutes are the customary safe harbors for the elite.
Definition 8. Gate-keepers are those members of the elite controlling transfer between the elite and the stranded.
Definition 9. Merit is what gate-keepers look for among the stranded.
Axiom 1. Up to a set of measure zero, merit is based on knowledge.
Theorem 1. Study is the only sustainable route to acquiring merit.
Proverb 1. Knowledge is a treasure, but the key to it is practice.
Axiom 2. Discovery of malfeasance among the elite gets you past the gate-keeper.
Definition 10. Scandal is when the stranded discover malfeasance among the elite.
Theorem 2. The stranded are constantly on the lookout for scandal.
Definition 11. Tourists are members of the stranded looking for an easy way out.
Observation 2. It’s impossible to be, or remain, stranded when teaching (actual teaching, not merely holding classes).
[General Systems Theory]