thesis (entropy)

Entropy consists of the fact that in any given environment, the base of the associated logarithm increases to infinity with time. This means that the distance between any two points in the environment converges to zero. This means that the environment shrinks to a point. keywords: [life] [General Systems Theory] [measure]

thesis (scaffolding)

Fine enough scaffolding eliminates the need for differentiation. keywords: [education] [instruction] [training] [teaching] [learning] [study] [curriculum-development] [educator] [pressing the envelope]

lorem ipsum (bilingualism)

When the opportunity cost of bilingualism is considered, Esperanto is seen to be the only rational choice. Anything else is the continuance of kitsch that former students look back upon with puzzled resignation. keywords: [life] [language barrier] [biliterate] [biliteracy]


Latency is linked coming and going with mystery: If it exists, it magnifies mystery, and it is a mystery if it does not exist. keywords: [life] [General Systems Theory] [correlation]