OBSERVATION (2 types of lapse)

There are 2 types of lapse: inward and outward. Both get punished. Inward lapse gets punished in this world, and outward lapse gets punished in the next. Inward lapse consists of pursuing mathematics when you should instead be attending to pressing practicalities. That is called ‘doing math in the cockpit’. On the other hand, outward lapse consists of partying instead of pursuing mathematics. That is called ‘going to hell in a handbasket’. All punishments have the same basis: difficulty of transition. On the other hand, gifting makes your inevitable transitions easier, because a gift is the ultimate intervention, and, by the law of karma, whatever interventions you deploy eventually come back to you.
“I define subjective rationalism as the practice of deductive reasoning, while attending to matters of probability and personal preference.”
— Gary A. Wenger
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