OBSERVATION (procedures versus processes)

Procedures are about the interface – the ‘dashboard’ -, whereas processes are about what’s under the hood. All procedures are in the hands of the state. All processes are in the hands of the individual. Procedures correspond to heat, and processes correspond to mechanical energy. It is precisely because, while mechanical energy can be completely converted to heat, but heat cannot be completely converted to mechanical energy, that a community can act, as Hans Kelsen pointed out, only through organs, and hence all processes are in the hands of the individual. What’s ‘left over’ – the procedures – is naturally the domain of the state.
A famous sardonic reference to procedural orientation is the closing of the poem ‘Robinson Crusoe’s Story’, by Charles Edward Carryl:
And I wish to call attention, as I close,
To the fact that all the scholars
Are correct about their collars,
And particular in turning out their toes.
[General Systems Theory]
[processes versus procedures]