‘Turner FYM’

By ‘Turner FYM’ I will mean the following book:
by D.W. Turner
First published 1961
Here is the link to the possibility of borrowing or purchasing the book.
The chapter titles are as follows:
1. Formulae
2. Graphs of formulae
3. Irrational or Surd Numbers
4. Linear Equations
5. Transformation of Formulae
6. Variation
7. Quadratic Equations
8. Quadratic Equations: Completion of Squares
9. A Formula for the Solution of all Quadratic Equations
10. The Important Uses of Factors in Algebra
11. Graphs of Algebraic Functions
12. Simultaneous Equations
13. Fractions
14. Literal Equations
15. Problems involving Equations containing Fractions
16. Similar Figures and Similar Triangles
17. The Geometry of the Right Angled Triangle
18. Trigonometry
19. Trigonometric Identities
20. The Basic Angle Facts of Geometry
21. Congruent Triangles
22. Angle Properties of Circles
23. Tangents to Circles
24. Properties of Intersecting Chords
25. The Parallelogram
26. The Equal Intercept and Mid-Point Theorems
27. The Shortest Path Theorems
28. Locus
29. Area and Equivalent Figures
30. Latitude and Longitude
31. Logarithms
32. Using Our Table Books to make calculations easier
33. Statistics
There follows also:
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