RECIPROCITY (variation and centrality)

What has greatest variation has central position. That is the default.
For example, the artwork displayed in the center (as opposed to on the side) of the lobby wall will have the roughest-shaped border. Also, when pouring a hot liquid into a cup, you try to keep the pouring stream in the middle of the cup. Also, the most diligent are rewarded with a high (= central) position. Also, the sun is the center of our solar system, and obviously has greatest variation in its behavior among the members of the solar system. Also, the bob of a pendulum has greatest speed when it is at the center position. Also, in theatrical productions, the greatest variety of action takes place at stage center. Also, the volatility of the subprime market came to be the center of everyone’s attention. Also, when there is a power outage, it is clocks in the ‘middle’ (= central) position, such as the clock in the oven control panel, that need to be manually re-set, whereas the clocks at the two extremes, such as the battery-powered clock sitting on the mantelpiece, and the clock on your cell phone, do not need to be re-set. Also, a patty melt is between a sandwich and a hamburger, and is noticeably messier than either. Also, Taco Bell says that the middle section of its triplelupa is ‘uncharted’ territory. Also, sherbet is between ice-cream and sorbet, and its variation consists of the range of flavor it encompasses, being ‘the perfect combination of the creaminess of ice-cream and the fruitiness of sorbet’. Also, sandwiches cut diagonally are between sandwiches cut horizontally and sandwiches cut vertically, and have more biting surface area than either. Also, advocacy is between descriptivism and prescriptivism, and is a lot messier than either. Also the primes are the ‘center’ of the integers (> 1), and are notorious for their variation. Also, the proverb, “Empty barrels make the most noise.” is explained by the centrality of empty barrels, as being positioned conveniently for being filled. Also, only severity gives access to centrality, since severity consists of abiding by a given regime of variation. So, this ties to what I call ‘linguistic donuts’ – the center of the ‘danish’ is the severest part, for example, the law is the core of custom.
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