Legal requirements are the core of regulatory requirements, and regulatory requirements are the core of underwriting requirements.
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‘Shop this way’ – ambiguity

With ‘this way’ meaning ‘in this manner’, it is something that Amazon might say.
With ‘this way’ meaning ‘in this direction’, it is something that Walmart DOES say.
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OBSERVATION (original sin)

The concept of original sin is the deeply felt (and correct) intuition that the social space defaults to being non-ergodic. A redeemer is one who makes it ergodic. (cf: Shane – his farm labor was analogous to the carpentry work of Jesus)

OBSERVATION (synonymity of antonyms at the boundary)

At the boundary, antonyms become synonymous.
Example 1: When you are updating a page, you finalize the update by clicking on a button that typically says ‘Change’, but it could just as well say ‘Hold fixed’.
Example 2: The cartoon that shows a woman standing suicidally on the ledge of a building. A man, understood to be her husband, is shown leaning out the open window, releasing a mouse onto the ledge, with the caption saying, “Mrs. Doe is attempting suicide, getting no help from her husband.” However, the caption could just as well read, “…getting help from her husband.”
Example 3: A wound is at the boundary of your body, and the ‘dry spray’ for sealing the wound is aptly said to be ‘icyhot’.
Example 4: The pinnacle is part of the boundary (the upper part), and so “Is there nothing more comforting and delicious than mashed potatoes?” could just as easily be “Is there anything more comforting and delicious than mashed potatoes?”
Example 5: Philosophy is at the boundary of knowledge, hence the truth of Pascal’s paradoxically-sounding saying that to have no time for philosophy is to be a true philosopher.
Example 6. Gifting is at the boundary of social relations, hence the synonymity of “Give until it hurts.” and “Give until it stops hurting.”
So, at the boundary, all antonyms are auto-antonyms.
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