Legal requirements are the core of regulatory requirements, and regulatory requirements are the core of underwriting requirements. keywords: [life] [General Systems Theory] [3 concentric sets] [nested cores]

‘Shop this way’ – ambiguity

With ‘this way’ meaning ‘in this manner’, it is something that Amazon might say. With ‘this way’ meaning ‘in this direction’, it is something that Walmart DOES say. keywords: [Linguistics] [Language Arts] [one-way aisles] [one way aisles] [social distancing]

OBSERVATION (original sin)

The concept of original sin is the deeply felt (and correct) intuition that the social space defaults to being non-ergodic. A redeemer is one who makes it ergodic. (cf: Shane – his farm labor was analogous to the carpentry work of Jesus) keywords: [life] [religion] [mission]


For example, ‘cut’ can mean ‘delete’ or ‘produce’ (e.g. a woodcut). Here is the link to the Wikipedia list of auto-antonyms. keywords: [Linguistics] [Language Arts]

OBSERVATION (synonymity of antonyms at the boundary)

At the boundary, antonyms become synonymous. Example 1: When you are updating a page, you finalize the update by clicking on a button that typically says ‘Change’, but it could just as well say ‘Hold fixed’. Example 2: The cartoon that shows a woman standing suicidally on the ledge of a building. A man, understood … Continue reading OBSERVATION (synonymity of antonyms at the boundary)