Theorems about Systems: Wedderburnian Theorems

A system, to exist, has to have at least one component. A system may be single-component or multi-component. (Note that ‘single-component’ means that more than one component is not allowed, while ‘multi-component’ does not necessarily mean that there is more than one component, but simply that more than one component is allowed.) Note that for … Continue reading Theorems about Systems: Wedderburnian Theorems


The more widespread innumeracy is, the more fantastic the estimates that are run up the flagpole. Corollary: Demonization (based on fantastic estimates against the other side) is a consequence of innumeracy. keywords: [politics] [ignorance] [mathematics]

JOKE (Ten Commandments)

The Ten Commandments are not as they were originally proposed by God, but the result of His revision after being urged by Moses to ‘tailor’ them more specifically for understanding by the hoi polloi. keywords: [religion] [Old Testament] [target audience]