OBSERVATION (nibbling)

As is well-known, an empire is weakest at its boundary. (cf: W.C. Fields’ published rant against ‘nibblers’ – nibbling probably really being a case of the cat mewing and dog having its day)

joke proof that 0! = 1

(that zero factorial equals unity) By placing the space between the 0 and the ! on the left-hand side, we get 0 != 1, but ! before a relational symbol means the negation of the relation, and it is certainly true that 0 is not equal to 1. QED keywords: [Mathematics] [Number Theory]


The silver lining of battle is its lack of sordidness. (cf: an anti-corruption operation conducted from a dingy warehouse (as in one of the episodes of ‘The Untouchables’) – one easily forgets the sordidness of the environment)